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Astrologers in Chandigarh

Astrologer in chandigarh

Astrologer in chandigarh

Astrologer in India

Address: House no. 3254 sector=45-D, Chandigarh, 160047

  • phone
Best astrologer in Chandigarh – Ashok Sharma

Best astrologer in Chandigarh – Ashok Sharma

Astrologer in Ajitgarh, Punjab

Address: HL-239, Jail Road, Phase 9, Mohali Punjab, Chandigarh, 160063

  • phone
Best Astrologer in Chandigarh – Guru Ji

Best Astrologer in Chandigarh – Guru Ji

Astrologers in Chandigarh

Address: 3rd & Floor, SCO 54-55-56, Sector 17A, Chandigarh, 160017

  • phone
Seemaa Singh Astrologer

Seemaa Singh Astrologer

Astrologer in India

Address: Cabin 207, 2nd Floor, SCO 60-62, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh, 160017

  • phone 076961 34636

The best Astrologers in Chandigarh

Astrology services in Chandigarh

Are you looking for Astrologers in Chandigarh? If yes, then this post is for you. 

A lot many times, we are unable to find the right direction in life and it seems like we are lost. In such times we feel like we need help from someone above us, someone divine. Many people turn to astrologers in such times, to look for answers which they are themselves not able to find. 

It is perfectly normal to look for divine guidance, especially in times when you are facing problems related to important aspects of your life like career problems, love problems, problems related to your business or marriage. There are a number of capable astrologers who can help you find answers for your problems. 

Many people in Chandigarh have started reaching out to astrologers in order to find solutions for their problems, or just for guidance in life. While there is no dearth of great astrologers in Chandigarh, there is also no dearth of astrologers who want nothing more than to rip people off their money and suggest money-fetching solutions with the help of half-baked knowledge of astrology. 

In order to save yourselves from such deceitful astrologers, you need a guide of the best astrologers in Chandigarh. And we are here to help you with just that. We have prepared a list of the best astrologers in Chandigarh, so as to save you from getting trapped by the pseudo-astrologers who are in it just for money, and to direct you towards the real astrologers in Chandigarh who can genuinely help you with your life problems and decisions. 

1. Astrologer Kajal Sharma, Tarot Card reader in Chandigarh 

Address: House No 1006 Sector 7 Panchkula, Panchkula, Panchkula – 134109, Near Durga Mandir

Phone: 07947211592

Astrologer Kajal, one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh

Kaajal Sharma is one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh. A spiritual astrologer, with an in-depth knowledge of astrology, Kaajal Sharma, has helped a number of people solve problems related to financial problems, marital problems, career issues, health troubles and much more. In her years of practise as an astrologer, she has not only helped people but also trained people in the mystical art of tarot reading. She is an expert in a number of astrological aspects like kundali reading, Tarot card reading, Vedic astrology and so on. All of her clients commend her for being a genuinely helpful astrologer with accurate calculations and honest, ethical and reliable predictions. She tells easily doable remedies in order to avert the problems you are facing. Besides all her talents, Astrologer Kaajal Sharma is a very humble and kind person. She also takes online consultations apart from in-person consultations. 

She offers Astrology services like: 

  • Tarot Card Reading Services, 
  • Tarot Reading Classes, 
  • Online Astrology consultations
  • Janma Kundali
  • Kundali Matching 
  • Prashna Kundali

2. Karan Sharma | Astrologer and numerlogist in Chandigarh

Address: 1068, 2nd Floor, Near Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, Chandigarh, CH 160018

Phone:  99150 14230

Pandit Karan Sharma, one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh

Astrologer Karan Sharma is another astrologer in Chandigarh who has immense knowledge and years of experience as an astrologer. He specialises in numerology, Kundali reading, gem-therapy and Mantras to help people looking for astral guidance. The testimonials from his clients are all great. He has helped a lot of people solve the problems they were facing in various aspects of their lives like problems related not being able to land a job, or obstacles coming in marriage, love life, career, investments and shares, business and corporate matters, diveroce etc. His clients claim that his remedies worked miracles for them. 

Some of his biggest clients are cricketers, industrialists, and even celebrities, coming to seek his advice on personal and professional matters. His predictions are said to be very accurate, and his method of working is also very precise, especially when it come to financial matters. 

He offers consultation in person as well as through skype, chat, telephonically, or through email as per the request of the clients. 

His field of expertise includes: 

  • Astrology: Kundali 
  • Gemology and Gem-therapy 
  • Numerology 
  • Palm reading 
  • Vaastu Shastra 

3. Nitin Shastri – Samadhan Jyotish Karyalaya| Jyotish And Numerlogist In Chandigarh 

Address: HNO.-209 A, Sector 51 A, Sector 51, Chandigarh, CH 160047

Phone: 95307 97878

Pandit Nitin Shashtri: astrologers in Chandigarh

With 17 years of experience as an astrologer, Nitin Shashtri, is another excellent astrologer in Chandigarh. He has his own astrology practise in sector 52, Chandigarh called Samadhan Jyotish Karyalaya. He has studied the Lal Kitab as well as KP Astrology, this gives him in-depth knowledge about the workings of astrology and planetary impact. The remedies suggested by him have helped over 600 people successfully in their attempts to resolve their problems related to marriage problems, love problems, career issues, health problems and much more.

They offer consultation in the form of flexible programmes (monthly consultation/ annual consultation) 

His clients appreciate him for being one of the best astrologers they have gone to. His predictions are based on meticulous calculations. He has suggested various changes to people according to numerology which have brought miraculous changes in the lives of his clients. He also specialises in Gem-stone therapy in order to resolve the problems of health, relationships, business, career etc. 

Astrology services in Chandigarh

The services offered by Astrologer Nitin Shastri are: 

  • Personal astrology: 
  • Kundali 
  • Gemstone therapy 
  • Powerful yantra 
  • Lal kitab remedies 
  • Vashikaran astrology: 
  • Numerology
  • Black magic astrology
  • Tantra mantra astrology

4. Amar Sharma | Vaastu Shatra Expert And Astrologer In Chandigarh

Address: Sector 17, Near 22 Market Chandigarh, Mohali, Chandigarh, CH 160017

Phone: 98786 74982

Aman Sharma Astrologer in Chandigarh

Another brilliant Astrologer in Chandigarh, Amar Sharma, is also a Numerologist, and vaastu expert operating in chandigarh. He has been practising as an astrologer in Chandigarh since 2003 and earned himself quite a reputation as one of the best astrologers and numerologist in Chandigarh. Hia clients claim that almost all his predictions have been completely true for them. The recommendations and  remedies he suggests are easily doable and genuinely helpful. He specialises in Vastu Shastra, and makes recommendations in the house and offices for a more prosperous dwelling. He is also known for his expertise in numerology and birth chart analysis (Kundali reading). He has been known to provide genuine solutions for problems relating to love life, marriage, health issues, career blockages, business and investment advice as well as for all general astrology related queries about one’s future. 

Astrologers in Chandigarh

His area of expertise includes Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Love Psychic Readings among other things. 

He has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best astrologers and has clients from all over the world. The best part is that his services are available round the clock and can be availed immediately. They value the time of their client and make sure that they provide the quickest solutions and remedies to solve the problems. 

Some of the services offered by Astrologer Amar Sharma are: 

  • Personal Astrology: kundali
  • Black magic removal 
  • Divorce or marriage problem solutions 
  • Love solutions 
  • Health solutions 
  • career/ business related solutions 
  • Numerology 
  • Vaastu consultation 

5. V. P.  Bali | Palm reader and Astrologer in Chandigarh, Panchkula 

Address: House Number -12, Panchkula Sector 10, Panchkula – 134117, Near Bus Stand

Phone: 0794723948

V P Bali is one of the best Astrologers in Chandigarh

V. P Bali is another highly reputed and celebrated astrologer in Chandigarh, tri-city. He has been working as an astrologer in Chandigarh for over 15 years. During these years, he has helped a large number of people with problems related to love, marriage, career, business, health, education, among others. His analysis of Kundali (birth chart) is very accurate and precise, and the remedies he suggests are very practical and easy to do for the clients. His clients claim that he is not one of those astrologers who misguide you just to fill up their pockets, he is a genuinely helpful astrologer who knows what he is talking about. 

He offers consultations for people looking for astral guidance. He also recommends gemstones for healing as well as give Vaastu advice for houses and shops. 

He is a very kind natured person and a highly knowledgeable astrologer. Undoubtedly, one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh to seek advice from. 

The services offered by Astrologer V. P. Bali are: 

  • Palm reading
  • Astrology services 
  • Face reading 
  • Vastu tips for home 
  • Vastu tips for shop/business 
  • Gemstone recommendation 

6. Om Namo Astrological Research center | Astrologers in Chandigarh 

Address: Shop Number 4, Panchkula Baltana Road, Baltana, Mohali – 140604, Near Prachin Shiv Mandir 

Phone: 8999699333

Astrologers in Chandigarh

Om Namo Astrological research centre is an astrology consultancy that houses some of the best astrologists in Chandigarh. They have astrologers who have supreme knowledge in the field of Astrology and work dedicatedly towards using this knowledge to help people relieve their troubles. They have been working in the field of astrology since 2007 and have been able earn a name for themselves as the best astrologers in the Chandigarh area. They aim to give scientific and practical perspective to the mystical art of Astrology. 

In this pursuit, they have recommended very practical and useful remedies to their clients, explaining the reason behind the remedies. This helps the clients understand the underlying meaning of the remedy, instead of just following these like blind sheep. They have helped clients resolve problems related to love, career, travel abroad, health problems, financial issues, matrimonial problems and much more. Their clients have claimed that this astrology consultancy provided them with some of the most beneficial remedies and offers excellent services. 

The services offered by Om Namo Astrological research centre are: 

  • Personal Astrology advice
  • Online Astrology consultation
  • Love Problem solutions
  • Astrology solutions for Career, 
  • Spiritual Astrology tips
  • Solutions and advice related to Travel Abroad, 
  • Health solutions 
  • Financial problems solutions

7. Astrobuddy | Astrologers in ManiMajra, Chandigarh

Address: House Number 135 Shivalik Enclave, Nac Road-Mani Majra, Mani Majra, Chandigarh – 160101

Phone: 9818920567

Astro Buddy: astrology services in Chandigarh

A relatively newer Astrology consultation service with new-age astrologers, is Astrobuddy in ManiMajra, Chandigarh. The Astrologers at Astrobuddy are contemporary astrologers, making a name for themselves as some of the best astrologers in Chandigarh. They are a bunch of dedicated astrologers with professional training in the field of astrology. The astrologers at Astrobuddy are competent to provide you solutions for all kinds of problems like career, education, family, love, health and marriage. They focus on satisfying the queries of the client to the fullest, so as to give the client a value for money experience. 

Over their short span since opening, Astrobuddy has been able to help hundreds of people gain artal guidance and resolve their problems through effective remedies. Their clients appreciate the quick service provided by this astrology consultancy. The predictions made by the astrologers at Astrobuddy  have been accurate for their clients so far and the remedies have been highly beneficial. 

Some of the services provided by Astrobuddy are: 

  • Personal Astrology advice
  • Online Astrology consultation
  • Love Problem solutions
  • Astrology solutions for Career, 
  • Health solutions 
  • Financial problems solutions
  • AStrology solutions related to Family issues 

8. Cosmic River | Tarot Card reader & Astrologer in Chandigarh 

Address: Booth No. 42, Janta Market, Sector 27D, Chandigarh, 160019

Phone: 098881 42820

Cosmic River by Jasmine, one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh

Founded and run by Astrologer Jasmine, Cosmic River is another reliable astrology consultancy for you to explore. Jasmine, as an astrologer, has been providing astral guidance and healing services to people in Chandigarh for quite some time now. Although Astrologer Jasmine is especially known for her expertise in Tarot Card reading and Reiki Healing, she also offers other services including Numerology, Vaastu and Angel Reading, as well as crystal therapy. 

Her clients have commended her for her accurate predictions, as well as lively and friendly nature. She has a knack for creating rapport with her clients instantly, so that the clients are comfortable in discussing their problems openly with her and she can offer solutions to them. In her years of practice as an astrologer, she has helped a number of people with problems related to different aspects of their lives like Career, Health, Finances and Relationships etc. 

Being a good listener is a big part of being an astrologer, and Jasmine is just an amazing listener, who lets her clients express themselves and explain their problems patiently. All of this makes her one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh to visit and seek help for your problems. 

Service offered by Astrologer Jasmine: 

  • Numerology, 
  • Vaastu solutions
  • Angel Reading
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Intuitive reading 
  • Reiki healing 
  • Tarot card reading 
  • Solutions for Career, Health, Finances and Relationships

This brings us to the end of our list of some of the best Astrologers in chandigarh. Referring to this list will help you stay away from those fake pseudo astrologers in Chandigarh who want nothing more than to fill up their pockets by misguiding gullible people. These astrologers, on the other hand, genuinely want to help you get rid of their problems. Most of them have long years of experience and knowledge to back their claims of being one of the best astrologers in Chandigarh. So, we hope that your journey of astral guidance takes you the best of places!

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